INSIGHT is an acronym for INtensive Study of Integrated Global History and Theology, and it is just that. INSIGHT students study the scope of history integrated with social sciences, world religions, missiology and theology. If you are interested in God’s mission and how He has been working throughout history, you need to be a part of INSIGHT!

Get College Credit

INSIGHT is committed to providing at least 30 units of college credit to students who complete the program. These credits would count towards most colleges' general education or major requirements, so INSIGHT can be a viable part of your college career.

What Others Have To Say

"...a God-entranced vision of reality that will make all other study, and all the rest of life, deeper, richer, and more in sync with God’s ultimate purposes for your life.”

John Piper
Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church

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Program Structure

INSIGHT is structured in a unique way to teach students how to think, not just what to think.

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INSIGHT has campuses across the U.S. Each campus uses the same curriculum but has a distinct personality.